Personalized wedding envelopes for your wedding cards wse7

A lovely calligraphy design made for your wedding invitations

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Product Description

What’s included?

  • Envelopes in the color of your choice
  • Digital printing for the return address, guests’ names and addresses
  • Two free proofs included (we charge an additional $20,00 if we have to redo more than 10% of your proof during reproofing)

What do we need?

We need a copy of your return address, guests name, and addresses showing the exact way you want the wording to be printed. We’ll automatically center align all texts. We prefer copies from Google Docs.

Type everything according to how you want the names and addresses to appear (example: Street vs. St. vs. St). We only copy and paste the names and do not type anything to avoid any typographical error due to our typing.

Sample formatting for the file to send us:

Sample 1

Mr. & Mrs. Jameson Tanner

1000 Main Avenue

Santa Barbara, California 90000

Sample 2

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Bennet

1245 First Lake Drive

Santa Clarita, California


Can I change the formatting of my wording?

Definitely! Above are samples to help you with formatting ideas.


  • Check your spelling and information before submitting the order. This will ensure a faster turn around time.
  • Make sure the words commonly used such as Drive, Street, Avenue, Road among others are typed in the same way consistently
  • Mr. & Mrs., when abbreviated, are spelled with a period.
  • Don’t add commas if you don’t want to see commas on your proofs.
  • Be consistent with your formatting and spelling.

Important information:

We only copy and paste the wording from your template and do not type anything. Please ensure to type everything according to how you want them to be printed. If we have to redo at least 10% of your proofs during reproofing, we’ll charge you an additional $20.00. If in doubt, please contact us before making a purchase, and we’ll check your template formatting.